20 years Anniversary

This year in 2023 it has been 20 years since the very first word was written for what turned out to be my very first novel, The Queen’s Messenger. To celebrate, new cover designs will be published this autumn for the The Children of the Elven King series, where the third and the last book in the series will be available for your e-reader.

Please look forward to The Magician’s Revenge, a magic story that sets the final dot in the series of the children of the elven king.

Update under corona

Hi all

As many of you may have experienced yourself, corona completely affects your way of experiencing time. Working from home, social distancing and staying within your own four walls changes the way days flow together. At least for me. Though I must have more time, not commuting, not shopping, not hanging out with friends, somehow I get less done. And I write less. Maybe I am less inspired with experiencing less? I don’t know, but I do know that my new books are delayed and I am sorry for that. But they are coming and not forgotten. Stay safe and enjoy what books are already out there 🙂

Till Death Do Us Part

As you all know I’m working on the sequel to Morira – but since I’m delayed with the book, I have published the first 3 chapters on Wattpad. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the story of Gabrielle!

Joining Wattpad

Hi there

Today I joined Wattpad which is a writing/reading forum. Acutally it was my younger cousin who encouraged me to join as she is a big fan of this forum. I thought it was a great idea, since it allows readers to follow the sometimes very long writing process AND the books are not just lying in a desk drawer collecting dust as I try to work out the ending 🙂

Right now the first two chapters of the Danish verison of ‘Troldmandens HÊvn’ is available together with ‘Till Death Do Us Part’.