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Don’t forget to check out my facebook site for news, even if I don’t post them here. I don’t always put the same posts here and on facebook, so just because there’s a break between posts here, it does not mean I’ve forgotten to give updates πŸ˜€

So keep a look out and happy summer solstice! πŸ˜€

2 Years Anniversary!

Two years ago in 2015 Morira – Death Wanders wasFinal (1) published in English! The story about the vampire who wasn’t sure about her way of life and clearly wanted more, though not sure exactly what she wanted mean a lot to me and has a special place in my heart.

Morira’s story actually started as a short story which I entered into a competition for horror short stories. As her story turned out to be a romance instead, it didn’t surprise anyone that I didn’t win, but Morira’s fate was somehow stuck with me and I kept writing until I got it just right. And now its been 2 years.

Happy 2 years anniversary, Morira πŸ™‚

The Elven Witch on Nook!!

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and haven’t been spending too much money this Black Friday πŸ™‚ But who doesn’t enjoy shopping? Well, I do!

That’s why I’m so happy so tell you that The Elven Witch is now available on Nook!! But before you go out and get it, don’t forget to read The Queen’s Messenger first πŸ™‚

With love,



Sneak Peaks/Teasers are now available for all the novels. Take a look around and read a bit from each book πŸ™‚

BONUS: A Sneak Peak is available for ‘The Elven Witch’ in English, though the book is not yet published! Enjoy!


Great news! ‘The Elven Witch’ is now translated to English and is going through final check through! Expected Release date and cover will come soon πŸ™‚

Want to be prepared for this book? ‘The Queen’s Messenger’ is the first part of the series ‘The Children of the Elven King’

Read more about the book here in this site and remember to check out my facebook site!!

New Blog Post

Hi there

Did you guys know I also have a blog? This blog has nothing to do with my books or writing, but I love making updates about some of the things that I do and experience. It’s a chance to get an idea of who I am on a more personal level than just through my books.

Hope you stop by my author’s traveller blog πŸ™‚

Spring reading?

May 1st equals spring! And what better to do than watch the flowers bloom and enjoy the smell of freshly mowed grass while reading a good book??

If you don’t know what to read, then I suggest you take a look on this website for inspiration; here we’ve got both romance, vampires, dragons and elves πŸ™‚